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Mission & Vision

We CARE for your health plan provider and as your neighbor, too. You care about true health care value. And so does Arise Health Plan. When you think of value, rates are probably the first thing that come to mind. And yes, the bottom line is an essential part of the health insurance equation. But Arise Health Plan takes a different approach – providing service without compromise. We truly CARE for Wisconsin. Here’s how:

We CARE about true value from the start. We begin by giving you fair and competitive prices for your business, and carry it through with stellar service, excellent provider networks, and the flexibility and responsiveness you and your employees deserve. And we deliver – whether you’re an individual, small group, large fully insured group, or prefer ASO.

We CARE about your specific needs. From providing price quotes, to helping your employees choose the right plan, to helping you keep your employee eligibility lists up to date, we are responsive. Flexible. And exceptional. We’ll work alongside you to create a plan that’s just right for you and your group, whether you prefer a traditional fully insured plan or administrative services only (ASO) option. The choice is yours.

We CARE about service. Arise Health Plan is not only your health plan provider, but as a residents of Wisconsin, we’re your neighbor, too. We’re part of the community and know we’ll see you at the grocery store and the kids’ baseball games. We want to look you in the eye and know that we’re doing right by you and your employees. For us, business is personal.

To stay in touch with our neighbors’ health care needs, and to remain accessible and responsive, we only do business in Wisconsin. So you’ll never talk to someone overseas, Our Customer Service is all local.

We CARE about your health, and the health of your employees. Arise Health Plan was founded to promote health and provide access to quality health care in a caring and responsible partnership. The health care market has changed dramatically, but our mission remains unchanged. We partner with only highly qualified providers. We help your employees help themselves with medical and disease management. We offer one of the most generous wellness benefits on the market. And yet, thanks to our efficiency, we’re able to deliver it all at a competitive price..

WPS Health Insurance Mission Statement: To provide health and life insurance and benefit plan administration to private and government customers with service and value considered by our customers to be the very best.